Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Little Hummer Boy

About the Counter Propaganda Carolers

The Counter Propaganda Coalition fought media bias and produced alternative media. The longest-running action of the group has been Counter Propaganda Caroling, which has gone on for several years. Thanks to the initiative of folks like Colleen Rowley, who has been a dedicated anti-war activist for some time now, we have gotten some of our songs filmed and up on YouTube.

Several of them are online. We wrote some new ones for the Republican National Convention - or rather, for the aftermath of those who survived the police state that was the convention.

For more information about the Counterprop Carolers, leave a contact in the comments, or email me (dr dot diogenes at gmail dot com).

Monday, December 22, 2008

Counter Propaganda Carol for the RNC #1

A little ditty for the season, from the survivors of the Republican National Convention.

Pepper Spray
(Silver bells)
with an assist from sueann
note – baton as BAH-ton, not ba-TON

Pepper spray – pepper spray – it’s protest time in our city…
Taser guns… are such fun… Why can’t we keep it this way!

Secret Service, Ramsey County, and the Saint Paul P D
Gung-ho cops with a fondness for violence

Chain link fences, razor wire, and pre-emptive arrests
Soon it will be protest day!

Pepper spray – pepper spray – It’s protest time in our city…
Taser guns… are such fun… Why can’t we keep it this way!

Snipers watching, cameras rolling, just who broke that window?
We don’t care cuz that brings out the tear gas.

Plastic handcuffs, wooden batons, nice new storm trooper suits
Hoo-ray it is protest day!

Pepper spray – pepper spray – it’s protest time in our city…
Taser guns… are such fun… Why can’t we keep it this way!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Minnesota Supreme Court Ruling

The Coleman campaign sues to have some absentee ballots not counted. There are about 1,500 across the state that appear to have been rejected improperly.

Here's the PDF ruling, if I can figure out how to upload it... here's the link, in any case.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

More Amanda Palmer

Missed her - she came in and I had a cousin's wedding to go to.

But yes, Amanda Palmer is the roxxors, and Who Killed Amanda Palmer is definitely on my Solstice list.

(and I'm promising myself I'll write more on Coleman this weekend.)

EDIT: Never did write more, but Warner pulled the last upload of that video. Arrogant creeps.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Leeds United ?

OK - this video's the center of controversy; the story is the record label thought that (Dresden Dolls) Amanda Palmer's tummy needed to be edited or digitally trimmed out of this video.

Like whatever! She told them to fuck off and made a big deal of it. And it's the kind of lame male control thing for a singer - as she says,

my favorite quote from that meeting:
“i’m a guy, amanda. i understand what people like.”

to which i reply: where have you been for the last five years?
do you have any idea who i am, what band i’ve been in, what kind of music i write, who my fans are….who didn’t send you the memo that i’m not britney spears? i’m not TRYING to look hungry. i’m trying to look HOT. there’s a difference.

Anyway - this is the biggest amazing female singer thing since last year when I fell for Regina Spektor.

But right now, it's Amanda. Dayum. Someone in one of the comment threads came up with just the right term - fierce. Wow.

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Monday, December 01, 2008

Rolling Stone article on Coleman

This pretty darn funny Rolling Stone article has this lovely quote about Norm and his scandals.

Wouldn't it be something if all that flip-flopping, cross-accusations and idiotic campaign noise had its roots in Norm Coleman taking 75-large and a bunch of Neiman Marcus suits from some Iranian dude with an offshore-drilling supplier? "They didn't pay his wife $75,000 for nothing," says Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. "Something is going on here, but we don't know what it is." The Senate Ethics Committee has yet to announce an official investigation into the lawsuits.