Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blog for Choice day

Thanks to Sybil over at BitchPhD a reminder that today is Blog for Choice day. The 36th anniversary of Roe V Wade.

Even when I was growing up Republican, I was pro-choice. This is probably because my Republican dad wasn't a bible-thumper and my Democratic mom was hanging out (not letting it hang out, but hanging out) with hippies.

Like being pro-gay-rights, or anti-homophobic bigotry, it seems so immensely simple. It's not your body, what the heck do you think you get to legislate it. What hurt is it to you. Why the hell should men have ANY say in it. OK - wait; there's some participation. Men should have 15 minutes of say, women get 9 months of say.

I've fallen hook, line, and sinker for the line of reasoning that laws against abortion are part of a patriarchal control structure that makes women chattel and gives men rights over their reproduction; that this control structure excuses rape and limits contraception; and that this control structure usually privileges not only men over women, but straight over gay and white over black and while we're at it, rich over poor.

Next: what about the politics of choice?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Obama

As someone who was to the left of Senator Paul Wellstone (and a former constituent) I'm glad that Bush is gone but don't have illusions that Obama will be the Great Black Hope. But I think he'll be better. Here's some more of what I'm thinking.

I think he's pretty exactly one tick left of center for the Democratic party (which makes him center-right in England). But the context is so far-right that his direction is going to be Left.

I think he might be organizable. And as a community organizer, I hope it will be easier to radically organize under his administration. (check to see how the police state powers are or are not curtailed.)

I think - wait, I HOPE that he will 1) raise taxes overall, and 2) improve the climate for union organizing. This is the 'economic minimums' standard I have for him. In other words, he can do a bunch of goofing around on other stuff, but if he comes through on these two things that will be real progress.

I expect the troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan to be down significantly in one year. I hope they will be down to next to nothing in two years. Insofar as he is a center-left Democrat, and Democrats have proven far too eager to bend to the military-industrial complex, this is the area I think he's most likely to try to hedge. But if we organize well, we can push him, I think.

My thoughts! And yours?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Heck yeah.

I was reading a comment thread on Pandagon and there was a Canadian anarchist who said - you know, Bush was worse than Gore. It's like being up to your neck in shit vs only up to your knees. Much easier when it's up to your knees but the smell still lingers...

It's like this - the Western powers maintained economic domination of the South by acting in concert since WW2. Bush broke that and went for a imperial military unilateralism. By contrast, Euro-American imperialism is a miracle of international cooperation.

Anyway - I woke up very happy today. It's like a spell of dread has been lifted.

I don't expect that Obama will lead us to the promised land; but he will make it possible for us to pull ourselves to it. I think he's organizable.

Happy Inauguration Day!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snippet of the Browse

Dude, Wikipedia rocks. Sitting at the computer, wondering where I wanted to go tonight, and reading a few websites. Bitch is sad but good - the campaign helped goose the community. Nothing really interesting in the news and I'm fried from work. Reading Wikipedia I see that yesterday their main article was on 4chan and that 4chan was a place that the anti-Scientology movement Anonymous was at. The last SF con I went to had two Anonymous protest thingies, so I went to check it out, and then I found the Snippet of the Browse for this week; the "we will fuck you up" video put out by these kids who hate Scientology.

They also use the V is for Vendetta mask. Alan Moore said he thought that was most excellent.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vote Bitch PhD in the 2008 Weblog Awards

The feminist academic website BitchPhD allowed me to post my RNC reports, and some of my followups like the 12 days of protest song.

The blog is in the running for Best Very Large Blog in the 2008 Weblog awards, and this is a last minute appeal to you to vote. It's three hours before voting closes.

I am very thankful for the blog for getting out the word about the police state and the convention, and I'm asking as a 'thank you' to them.

To vote:

The 12 days of Protest:

by the Counterprop Coaliton

On the first day of protest
Bob Fletcher busted me –
And a steaming bucket of pee!

On the twelfth day of protest,
Bob Fletcher threw in jail …
Twelve shoppers shopping
Eleven gawkers gawking

Ten Machining Ragers
Nine Funkers dancing
Eight pagans praying
Seven poor folks marching
Six Massers biking
FIVE AN-AR-CHISTS (sorry - I know it was 8...)
Four journalists
Three peaceful nuns
Two rusty nails
AND a steaming bucket of pee!