Saturday, May 20, 2006

Stadiums Suck

Why the hell do I hear Steve Hunter on the goddamn radio shilling for the fucking Twins stadium??

I met Steve before he was AFL-CIO, back when he was AFSCME. I think he was the guy who told me this about the building trades - the construction unions who are uniformly dumb about their class status (i.e., they're working class.) "If the contract came up for Auschwitz, those guys would say it's good for the economy and build it."

Stadiums are stupid fucking corporate welfare. The Gophers are a TINY bit different, because they ARE publically owned and they CAN'T leave the state, but the same bullshit alumni-sports-corporate booster crap runs there.

If the Minnesota AFL-CIO has Hunter, who is the #2 guy there, pushing the stadium, that explains why it's got a better chance this year - because the unions sold out. Again.

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