Thursday, January 04, 2007

Day 4 of my quit....

Being a Minnesotan, and since not every last bit of tobacco-settlement money got sucked up in the general fund when we ran out of state cash (oooh, about three rants there), I get to participate in QuitNet for free.

It's an online quitting support community, and my sweetie used it extensively when she quit.

There's a whole vocabulary - being a Minnesotan and over the age of 10, I have experienced the 12 Steps in some way and they have a vocabulary too...

Anyway - the reason for this discursion is the use of the phrase 'my quit.'

I don't know if it's intended to avoid the 'quitter' label, but the word 'quit' becomes like a noun. It's not Day 4 of my quitting process, it's Day 4 of my quit. "How's the quit going, dude?" "It's a good quit. Yours?" "Shaky, dude, shaky." "Keep the quit, brother, deep breathing and chew on some cinnamon sticks." "Thanks, dude, you helped me rescue my quit."

Although most of the people using quitnet are working class women in their 30s, so the whole surfer dude stuff is atypical.

Anyway, back to my quit. I get my bracelet today!


Anonymous said...

Rock on Dude!!

nihilix said...

keep the quit

Brainiac4 said...

You going to post a pic of your bracelet, dude?

nihilix said...

No pic, since it's all just description, but here's it..

A leather band, big, wide and double-buckled. A reddish leather.

A thick coppery wire, making a zig-zag pattern around the band; at the ends of the zig-zag, the thick wire returns at top and bottom of the bracelet, forming a line.... the wire held to the band with leather loops every so often...

- - - - - - - - copper wire
\ /
\ / copper zigs
\ /
- - - - - - - - copper wire

OK - and there are thick green stone disks fastened on the zig and on the band between the zig- about four of them or five spaced evenly around the band. They're wired in with more copper and they're all slightly different - a few are silver-rimmed, one has some black and white stones nearby.

There you have it!