Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fascism and coups and fundamentalists.

I really wasn't gonna blog - got some gaming to do - but here's three great things, in reverse order.

The Right Wing propaganda machine has been demonizing the Islam with 'they want to institute sharia law in the USA' line. I've heard it in three-five places; it's the Word of the Week.

I think it was on DailyKos where someone - their science guy? - says:

"Yeah, Sharia law sucks, because it's a theocracy. We're a democracy. Of course, you and your friends want one too."

So that's the comeback - that's a theocracy. We don't want one from anyone.

Coups - Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon (who had the good Edwards quote - the one of the lot with the greatest chance of showing some backbone against the Right if he gets elected.) and she wrote about the Clinton impeachment and the 2000 election. Good story.

And fascism - some great laffs on Jesus's General.

And besides this, Bush should resign. And impeaching Cheney would be nice.

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