Thursday, February 07, 2008

President 2008 - Romney

I've been reading the New York Times, since they backed off registration and crap. And the Star Trib online suxxors so bad.

Anyway - now I get why people get so pissed off at the NYT.

Let's take this frontpage bullet:

Challenges and Miscalculations Dogged Romney From the Start

Mitt Romney spent more than $35 million of his own money trying to get himself elected, but his campaign faced challenges from the start, some beyond his control.

Now, I'm not even gonna follow the link, because it's right here - the horserace. The fake story. The big lie.

Mitt Romney, or any politician, is not simply competing in a skill event. They represent archetypes, images, sometimes issues.

Mitt Romney was campaigning as the empty suit frontman for the ruling mob. Mitt was saying to the neo-theo-cons and their corporate masters that he would parrot their logic, and that he was 100% on board this whole corporate america proto-fascist endless war trip that the Bush regime is on. His pitch - I'm rich, I've got name recognition. I'm a made man on Wall Street, and I look good on TV and will do whatever you want me to.

No wonder it didn't catch on.

Some other bad analysis was saying that it was just some kind of luck that Huckabee and Paul caught on.

Idiots: the reason Huck caught on was he's a true believer and the Christian Dominionist wing of the Republican Party coalesced around him. This was after the other Evangelicals left and
they decided that the Mormon was weird. And they clearly saw his soul, which is a Franklin Planner and a blackberry tied to his bank account, didn't have enough Fear of the Lord. So Huckabee has what they call a political base.

As does Ron Paul. The first red flag I had on Paul was the amount of support he gets from Stormfront, the white racist web group. I went through a "Paul was OK" phase, back when I thought he was just a Libertarian. (I went through a Libertarian phase, too - right before I graduated from high school.) But then the Stormfront support (link it yourself, eww) filled in the next part - he's one of those Christian Identity/Michigan Militia Libertarians. And then I read what he says about immigrants, and the whole proto-fascist thing came clearly into view.

But that's just his core and some of his money. His base is other white Libertarians, and young white suburban kids who think Bush and the war suck. Which is pretty much white Libertarians. So not all of them are fascist, but ask them what they think of race and decide for yourself.

Anyway - sorry to have been gone so long. I should get RSS up. Anyway - just remember that most everything you see on TV is a lie, and think for yourself.

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