Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fascism, Palin, and Right-Wing Paramilitaries: a glimpse of the near future

Power gives up nothing without a demand.

Demands come in several forms; lawyers, money, and guns.

Lawyers implies that there is equity before a judicial system, where both actors have power and agree to settle that power in court.

Money is then used to influence things more.

Guns are used if money doesn't work.

The Bush cabal used lawyers to reach the presidency, and money and the power of people with money to retain it.

They have are losing the ability to use the lawyers and they no longer have the money. So they will turn to guns.

The American economic pyramid has stretched farther and farther beyond our borders since we ran out of frontier. Getting the Indians taken care of, we turned outside - Cuba, the Phillipenes, Mexico. World War One carried us further, and at the end of World War Two we 'inherited' the British power base.

Economic pyramids work by exploiting those at the base for the good of those at the top.

The Klan was used at a couple of points in American history by the ruling factions to keep various people (blacks, immigrants, labor) down. It grew from the Southern Democrats - who were the party the former ruling class of the South as Lincoln, the Republican, was the former party of the North. They freaked out about the black man having power - and here comes the violence!

As Central America became even more firmly embedded into our economic pyramid - and as the really grueling oppression was offshored along with jobs - right wing paramilitaries were used (and are used, Colombia being a major case in point) to keep people in check.

So now, we're experiencing the collapsing of our economic empire. South America is full of countries that have slipped the leash - Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, to a certain extent Brazil and Chile.

The folks who are now leaving the White House include the very thugs - Negroponte, Reich - who were part of the Reganite evil.

The RNC is an example of how they are willing to import the tactics of control (Iraq) into the US. The Klan is an example of how they use street level violence to control society.

The whole Jim Crow/lynching system was a part of that keeping people down.
David Duke is claiming that the government is no longer the purview of white people (hmmm, how many Senators? How many reps?) and that whites need to regain control of 'their' government.

Now that they have lost it, they will be using violence here.

The current crop of folks are seen in Jesus Camp, in white supremacists, in 'spiritual warfare' and imprecatory prayer situations.

Since the Bush cabal has been chased out of congressional and Presidential power, they will rely on the power they have. This will mean mystery right wing money going to these harsh outsider Armageddon Christ Army types.

This will mean more violence - because these guys play for keeps.

(Thanks to White Trash Academic for the assist!)

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