Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Win the election for Paul Wellstone

I am happy and sad that Al Franken took the oath of office on Paul and Sheila Wellstone's bible.

The moment was the Wellstone memorial. The chapter in Frankens Lies and the Lying Liars about that event is perfect. Because the Coleman forces used their dirty tricks to smear the campaign of Senator Wellstone.

And thereby they benefited by Wellstone's death.

I think that the planecrash was sketchy as hell. Cold and quiet. Remote woods. The Wellstone campaign, starting to pull away after Paul took the risky vote against Bush's war. Remember, 2002 was the year that the invasion of Iraq saved the Republican's electoral bacon. The war was about to become bloody. The woods were bloody.

Norm Coleman benefited from the death of Paul Wellstone. Norm, who was beloved of Rove and Cheney. Cheney, who was spending a lot of time in those undisclosed locations. Doing what? Planning what? Pulling a Michelle Bachmann? "I'm not saying that Wellstone was assassinated, I'm just thinking someone should take a look..."

And so now Al used Paul's book to take the oath on.

I think it was magic today, magic that was connected to the debt of blood. The debt of blood that had stained Norm Coleman's senate seat, which is now Al Franken's. I think something is at rest now.

And just as Senator Coleman moved into Senator Wellstone's University Avenue office, Al Franken gets the fancy Washington Senate office they were holding for Coleman, on the off chance he would get the seat. So the perk that 'rising star' Coleman got now goes to the nice boy from Saint Louis Park who is Senator Al Franken. Good going, Al. We finally won the election for Paul Wellstone - it just took a while.

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