Tuesday, December 22, 2009


My first thought - fuck, TPM has big headlines - Senate Passes Healthcare, House to Adopt Senate Plan - fuck that!

The reason you get good language out of the House is so you can fight for a compromise in committee! This is the most progressive House we've had in quite a while, and their public option was good, and the funding was better, and were it the bill, I'd be thrilled.

But all this 'roll over' language, it was getting to me. And then good old Progressive Left Democrat himself, Markos Molitsas on the TV. And his message - keep fighting, heck ya!

Once we have a final bill, and things are set in stone, then we can re-examine that bill. But right now, things can still change. To stop fighting for that change, to me, is patently ridiculous.

Any positive change from here on out is going to be because we keep pushing from the left not because we say, "Good enough. Let’s pass it."

Hear, hear. I'ma call Ellison and McCullom and tell them to stand up for this. Ellison in particular should.

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