Saturday, March 04, 2006

introduction to the blog

well, you start reading a new blog and wonder what the fuck (can i say fuck? this is one of the free speech internets, isn't it?) is this about? i got this link and who is this guy?

things i love: queers, people who smile and like to fuck with society, mayday parades, black cats, radicals, most greens, diy media, films about labor, and sex.

things i despise: corporations (naturally), puritan bigots, soulless democrats, greasy grinning republican party apparatchiks, scabs, neoliberals and neocons.

things i hate: fucking injustice.

people i like: howard zinn, malcolm x, joe hill, revolutionary jesus, and very much sweet my love.

people i despise: well, tonight i got ann coulter and norm fucking coleman. just not feeling too despise-y.

members of the bush cabinet i don't despise: uhmm... forget it...

so have fun. big brother says the fun ration is going up again, to 5 grams a day!

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