Monday, March 27, 2006

It takes a nation of millions to hold us back...

Or how about a million people rallying against racism...

The Bushite conspiracy is going to use all it's tricks to maintain power. This includes the old triumverate of god, guns, and gays - cuz you can't have homos kissing - as well as the wonderfully divisive 'let's hate the brown people who are stealing our jobs.'

Ahh, yes. Let's get poor white folks to point the finger of blame at those scrabbling to get into the same step on the creaky ladder of opportunity, instead of those who shortened the step and took out the middle rungs so more money could be held in giant dragon hoards of loot.

But it looks like there's some of the old 'Our Immigrant Brothers are Under Attack - what'cha gonna do? STAND UP FIGHT BACK!' mojo floating around. Actually, that should be something like 'We're under attack...' since the immigrant community themselves are front and center in organizing for their rights.

A million people in LA. 500,000 in Chicago. Tens of thousands in other cities. Looking good.

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