Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Heck yeah.

I was reading a comment thread on Pandagon and there was a Canadian anarchist who said - you know, Bush was worse than Gore. It's like being up to your neck in shit vs only up to your knees. Much easier when it's up to your knees but the smell still lingers...

It's like this - the Western powers maintained economic domination of the South by acting in concert since WW2. Bush broke that and went for a imperial military unilateralism. By contrast, Euro-American imperialism is a miracle of international cooperation.

Anyway - I woke up very happy today. It's like a spell of dread has been lifted.

I don't expect that Obama will lead us to the promised land; but he will make it possible for us to pull ourselves to it. I think he's organizable.

Happy Inauguration Day!

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