Sunday, June 13, 2010


Well. I started a statement on pseudonymity that looked as arrogant as heck. Even though I have the ability to be a total dickwad (see photo) I still try not to. At the same time that I think - oh, it is all about me. (Well, who doesn't?)

I am choosing to blog under nihilix for a couple reasons - journalistic voice and I can just vent more freely. If you have any feedback about this, let me know.

But FB's minutia-based communication system is definitely infecting how I'm writing this post - a long status update!

Anyway, Penny Arcade is what I'm reading right now, and they get credit for the image: I quit keeping up with various webcomics etc. some years ago, and I'm on a 'crawl out of the archives' there. I'm up to about 2007. I'm also reading Questionable Content, from 2003 to 2006. Questionable Content is going faster, because I'm also reading Tycho's web posts, which slows things down.

I'm also gardening, getting the last of the Friend's Plant Sale plants in the ground (or in pots).

I've been following the Israeli/Gaza blockade story, the imprisonment of Peter Erlinder, reading about race at a couple places (Ta-Nehisi and Racialicous) and playing WoW. My newest character just hit level 65.

There you go - FB style minutia with links!

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