Monday, June 14, 2010

Two gay kids in New York elected prom king and queen

Aww... this is so sweet. Look at the pictures! (credit to the Albany Times Union)

On June 5, what began as a lark turned into a celebration of their courage to attend high school as openly gay young men. Seniors Charlie Ferrusi and Timmy Howard were crowned Hudson High School's prom king and queen in an open vote of their classmates.

"It was so cool when they called our names. Kids were screaming and cheering for us," recalled Ferrusi. "I gave Timmy the biggest hug ever. I was shaking with excitement. People were taking our picture. Everyone was going crazy."

Now, kids across the country have been denied the opportunity to run as gay couples, or boys running for prom queen or girls for prom king. This school had a close vote a couple of years ago where a young man narrowly lost for prom queen. But apparently the superintendant got the clue and he said this:

"The principal and I are in full support of the outcome of the prom vote," Howe said. "The students had a great time and they selected the prom king and queen they wanted. We are a diverse student body and we celebrate our diversity."

Good going, Hudson High! And hat tip to Shakesville!

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