Thursday, December 09, 2010

Which Side Are You On?

There's an old union song, written in 1931 in the coal strikes. The mine owners had the police and their paramilitaries shooting up the strikers; union politics were being played hard and fast.

The question they're asking is simple. Which side of the class war are you on?

This is the class war started by the Republicans, the right, and the rich, the one where Ronald Reagan fired the air traffic controllers, where NAFTA and the WTO are passed, where the banks are bailed out and the foreclosures just keep on going.

The Bush-era tax cuts should all end. Continuing any of them is stupid, but continuing the cuts on the richest is a clear signal which side of the class war you are on.

President Obama's administration has made the wrong choice. I only hope that the hullabaloo goes on long enough for all of them to end; then you can pass a middle-working-poor tax cut and let the poor rich sob into their cups of 'record income growth for the last 20 years'.

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