Monday, April 24, 2006

Tyranny of perfection

I've been succumbing to the tyranny of perfection here - each and every post must be hot, ideal, punchy, linked, whatever. But it's more important to blog everyday than to blog perfect. That's what I think, anyway.

Went to visit my parents this last weekend - republican Dad and 'moderate' democrat Mom. Had a great time with my DAWG (mebbe I do have a picture I could link here...) and worked outside and let the dawg run and run and run... was nice on both sides; Dad called me (and he's normally laconic as hell) and we chatted about farms, and dawgs, and stuff. (We get along great when we don't talk politics. Although I should use this as a self reminder that we've got a bet on the Pawlenty-Hatch race coming up - he gave me odds of 5:7, and since I know that Pawlenty's hugely vulnerable, but I think he lives in a republican bubble, I took 10 bucks on that.)

I'm reading cat and girl, catching up on penny arcade, and started a neverwinter nights module. Worked and went to a radio station meeting. S'all good.

So links - Cat and Girl, Penny Arcade, a Minnesota Democrat (look for her with Hatch on the ticket).


(oops - let me see if I can get a dawgpic)

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