Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Big ol' right wing radio host has a hissy

This is brilliant - one of those right wing radio yahoos is put up with a lefty with spine who gets that the Bush administration has ripped the constitution to shreds with their spying - and the right wing radio host can't stand the heat and runs away.

On Crooks and Lairs, which says
UPDATED: This is hilarious. The topic was the NY Times and the financial transactions story. Bernie Ward asked right wing talk show host Chris Baker if he thought the government should determine what the media reports. As they debated, Baker got so upset that he hurled insults at him and then stormed off the set. One of the new techniques to these types of debates now is to call your opponent fat and then walk off.

The topic was the New York Times publishing the Bush Regime's 'Swift' plan, that has Belgian bankers turning over access to financial databases. The Nazis burned books. The Bush Regime gets their mouthpieces to foam and howl, while the Freeper crowd begins with the death threats. Jawohl, mein Fuerher!

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