Thursday, June 01, 2006

Happy June!

Tabbed browsing in the antichrist... no, wait, Bush is the antichrist...

This is what I read far too many times.

I start with my blog. A reminder to me, and here you are!

The local weather. Always need to see that. Your tax dollars at work. Today's high - 83 fahrenheit!

The dominant local corporate paper, the Star Tribune. Ahh, the so-called 'Red Star.' Which, by the way, is bullshit (calling it a commie rag) but they do occasionally have an editorial that's soft-left (which in the Fox News world makes you practically a Stalinist.) Anyway, I use this for local news (biased towards cops and developers) and to see what the corporate print media's take on the day's events are.

Followed up by the english-language dominant non-profit paper, the Guardian. Someone told me yesterday that the Guardian (like the Independent, the two lefty papers in the UK) is really bad on Ireland issues, but aside from that they're a great balance to FoxUSA crap.

Then there's the big blog of the Democratic Left, Daily Kos. And here's my page on Kos, which predates this blog by a bit. I read them for the mid-left blogosphere views on the news of the day (main balance to Strib) and a couple of the posters really get it. Kos himself reminds me of my days in the youth wing of the Democrats - enthusiastic, not well thought out sometimes, and missing a few important points (like we need deep structural reform in American politics, that corporations cannot be trusted, etc) but as a Democrat, he's fine, and I'm glad the site's there.

So there you have it - the first five tabs of the 30 or so that I'm currently 'opening in tabs' in my browser in the mornings.

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