Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Echidne does it...

So I'm doing it too. Selfish whining.

Why won't this blog write itself? Why am I too lazy to do much with it? For godds sake, it's not like I can't drop in a link to echidne or that damn Rolling Stone article about how the election was stolen in Ohio in 2004 - something which Minnesota Green Party US Senate Candidate (shit, that's a lot of capitalizing) Michael Cavlan talks about, since he was there for the Green/Libertarian recount and saw it with his own two eyes...

OK - here's a good one (whine over...)

St. Paul, Minnesota is supposed to be the bucolic smaller brother of Minneapolis. Quieter, more blue-collar, less big-city. Well, it looks like we gots us some good ol' cracker racism on the St. Paul police force...

Outside, a few feet from the picnic table, a single-speaker radio-CD player was on.

Quietly, life-size shadows appeared at the back gate and two men entered the yard. Only Zachary heard them say, “St. Paul Police. Turn off the radio.”

They startled us,“ said Nathan. “I saw their badge and thought maybe it was because of the radio, so I jumped up and cut it off. Then I saw them grab my brother in a way that scared me so much I went on the back porch and grabbed the house phone.” He dialed 911 and asked for Internal Affairs.

Within minutes, according to Nathan and Zachary, Zachary had been pulled to the side of the house, handcuffed, sprayed, slammed to the ground, kneed, kicked, and shot in the back twice with Tasers. More police ran into the yard — a neighbor counted 22 officers, including a canine unit — and they struck and sprayed Zachary, Nathan and the two wives. All four McGraws were arrested for “obstructing the legal process” and jailed for two days

So it looks like it's not only LA cops who get a racist hardon about black folks. Read the rest of the story if you like.

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