Monday, September 08, 2008

The Truth about Police State on a Stick; Stage Two

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This is the list of themes as added to at BitchPhD. Thanks to all four of them for the opportunity to blog there, by the way.

So this is the big list that was came up with by folks there. Now we need to re arrange them and look for themes. Thanks to unhappy student and joanna and white trash academic and taddyporter and TA

Massaging the list, I see - abusive corrupt use of power - torture and pain - conspiracy of silence and lies - need for context. How about you?

If anyone posts, I'll add to the list. And anyone who wants to try and rearrange the list, great! It's the top level of a bulleted list with a few subs. There's lots more subs too.

  • The Twin Cities became a police state for four days
  • There were numerous unprovoked attacks by officers
  • Sheriff Fletcher in trouble and possibly crooked and that motivated his behavior
  • The police criminalized radical dissent, particularly with regards to anarchists
  • Sub: Felony charges will impair their democratic rights
  • Sub: Arrest records will follow people
  • The important role of journalists society was not respected
  • The RNC brought the methods of Iraq to Saint Paul
  • Sub: The convention center security was like the Green Zone
  • Sub: People who were in jail were hooded and abused like Abu Ghraib
  • Sub: Overwhelming use of superior weaponry was the first choice of response
  • The police were comical in their use of force
  • Amnesty International says that human rights were likely violated
  • ron paul had a mostly ignored totally peaceful action across town
  • most charges are dismissed, most detainments not charged
  • people detained were requred to give info to get away , getting on FBI database
  • the corporate media buried the story
  • the corporate media's coverage of the protest was all cops vs robbers, ignoring the antiwar message
  • the police did to others what they do to communities of color all the time (drug war, etc)
Three other points made by people:
  • Earth activists - pagans, environmentalists - need to know that the reason this police state matters to you is that you - supposedly - care about the earth
  • That Saint Paul was taken over by a 'fascist Brigadoon' that showed up and then disappeared
  • That someone needs to re-write the lyrics to 'Springtime for Hitler' to 'Springtime for Fletcher'


Roberta said...

I'm reading.

Thanks for this coverage, and for what you are doing here--I appreciate it.

Ron Siewert said...

keep up the good work...haven't been by before but I can see that you are combating the police state that all us thinking people despise. hope we make it to the election and go barack!