Thursday, September 04, 2008

Walking downtown in Saint Paul, which is open for business.

Awesome post on Twin Cities Indymedia, read the whole thing there.

The Right To Be Here

I'm not an anarchist. At least I wasn't one of the kids running around the Xcel Energy Center in black handkerchiefs during the St Paul RNC. Nor did I store my urine in a bucket for a week to throw on delegates, and I didn't break any windows either. But, I was one of the people detained by police on Monday. One of my co-workers even saw me on the Channel 11 news, zip-tied like a hog, being led away walking backwards by two riot police. I'm assuming that he knew me well enough to reason I wasn't there with violent intent, but asked nonetheless why I went to downtown St Paul that day. I thought about it for a second, but couldn't give a good answer to why I’m now in an FBI database. "I wanted to take pictures” and "I wanted to see it for myself" was what I managed. Then he asked why I was arrested. I had a much clearer answer for that.


White Trash Academic said...

Hi nihilix..came over from seems we have a mutual love of RATM and I am jealous that I wasn't there. Thanks for the RNC updates!

nihilix said...

Sure thing! a pleasure to find fellow bitch-o-philes to share the goods (or the bads) with!

Scribbler2099 said...

Sorry you got arrested, what's the status of the charges, or did they even bother? Thanks for posting on my blog and keep up the good work!

nihilix said...

Thanks for the comment, Scribbler, but that wasn't me. I was under strict "don't get arrested, we're adopting" posture. There have been a lot lot of dropped charges. They're a politically motivated farce, and politics are changing.