Sunday, March 22, 2009

Keith Ellison

I met Keith Ellison, who (according to my roomie) is now my new homie.

It was for work; there's an anti-Somali Muslim campaign going around. We were both at the storefront mosque in Saint Paul that was the second target (after the Minneapolis one). We were both showing solidarity.

I hear tell that there was a Katie Couric thing, and the Star Tribune, which has been pretty creepy and right-wing and kinda racist lately has been flogging it, but it's too much for my brain right now. I'll figure it out tomorrow.

Oh - Somali Terror Cells in Minnesota? Let me put it this way - Joe Lieberman's not been right about much of anything for a while now. He's wrong on this too.

The cats that make me laff

OK another week.

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