Monday, March 16, 2009

Once a week...

If you read the back pages of this blog, you'll find a number of goals; some met, some not.

So I was thinking... maybe if I blog once a week, that'll feel ok and be do-able.

I get all caught in stories, and it's work! To get a seven link story, two or three main ideas mushed around, it's like all night! What about email? What about gaming? What about downloading free audiobooks for your new ipod?

You see - that's a link, and I almost went to get a picture of the new ipod. and its pricy case.

Bitch PhD
is rocking my world, I've been printing out lolcats - well, loldogs, mostly.

See, now I gotta post links on those! Or ADVENTURE DOG will get me!

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