Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tim Pawlenty - Bush Republican

Why is it that Tim Pawlenty, who got aced out of the VP slot by Sarah Palin, is still considered credible in this town?

He's a tried and true Bush Republican. He's a representative of the failed policies of the last eight years - or more - and he's still able to stand up and say 'no, no new revenue' and people don't laugh him out of the Capital.

Of course, our corporate media, who are more obstreperous than ever, are helping in this. Politico does the Pioneer Press's dirty work, and Corporate Slashpaper Star Tribune (poor thing) carries his (and Norm Colemans) water like a good little corporate lapdog.

Tim Pawlenty - Corporate Lapdog, Bush Republican. Time to send Mr Hockey Governor to the penalty box and let the adults figure out the budget.

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