Friday, September 22, 2006

50-50, 300!

Since my dear sweet love (we need to be on the road by 9!) is running a little late (the levitating mice in the shoe closet had something to do with that, perhaps) I get a little more time to post!

The cryptic title refers to my rough stats, so far, in this blogger world. Since the first week of August, I've been pretty much daily (with a few breaks for trips and/or illnesses) so that makes about 50 days, 50 posts.

And while my own hits clutter the sitemeter, I'm guessing that it's about 300 hits on the site. Some of which are recurring, i.e., regular readers!

Mark at Norwegianity gets big mention here, as he not only reads, he comments. Shakespeare's Sister does as well. Whenever they link to me, my little corner of blogostan gets a relative rush of people. So do comments on Echidne.

Well, I hear the footsteps of a sweetie-out-of-the-shower, so TTFN!

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