Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Inside (Minnesota) Baseball - Primary Night

Some folks read me from the UK, Mexico, places like that (like, not the USA, dude.) So this post on Minnesota primary night might be a bit provincial for ya; sorry!

The big race, the 5th CD (Minneapolis and burbs) was won big by the National Lawyer's Guild card-totin', 5-times-a-day Mecca-prayin', thinks the pigs are the enemy'in' Keith Ellison.

A while ago, a cynical old hippie told me 'The people can't elect a President anymore. Sometimes, they can get a Senator, like Wellstone, but that's about it, and that's not too often.'

Now, it may be that Mr. Ellison will fall to the blandishments of the power circle of the Beltway. It may be that he'll be demonized and marginalized like Cynthia McKinney. It may be that the part of me that says 'Never trust a Democrat' (because he'll sell the people out) is right.

But it sure to hell looks to me like the people, The People, have won, and the system, the man, has lost.

Congratulations! Blessings!

The other DFL race of interest was the Governor's race. Mike Hatch, who I think is a conniving power-hungry bastard, won. Good for him! And since I happen to think that Mr. Hatch has an actual soul, and while he won't be perfect, some of his soul will not be sold out to the corporadoes, Gov. Hatch will be the best damn Governor in this state since fucking Wendy Anderson. (That's like, the 70s. Last millennium.)

Which is why I gleefully supported Becky Louery.

When Wellstone died - was killed - whatever, I thought Becky would be a great candidate for the Dems to run. She'd run before, and I really really like her. She's a Twin Cities hippie-liberal-progressive who moved to the Range, adopted a bzillion kids, and started a business.

Since one of the kids died in Iraq, she came out strong - very strong - against the war. She also strongly supported single-payer healthcare, and a raft of other great progressive proposals.

She also got 23%-ish of the vote tonight.

I called it a win-win; I get to vote Lourey and against the war now, and when Hatch wins, I get to kick that evil blowdried mullet-head Pawlenty out of office, and replace him with something real.

The over-20% of the vote that Lourey got was way over my expectation. I was thinking 12%, 15%. I mean, Hatch has been running for the 2006 Gov race ever since he decided not to run in 2002. He's the highest DFL officeholder in the state (Atty Gen, for those visiting) and he's smart and mean and he's gonna win. So 22-23% is a really great peace vote.

In other races, Lori Swanson beat Mr. Can I Have a Do-Over Kelley (fine - he's suburban triangulating scum (maybe not scum, maybe a more benign fungal growth)) for the AG office (her signal strength - the asshole who will be the next Governor (hooray!) raised her right; i.e., she's one of Mike Hatch's deputies.) And Mark Ritchie, who comes from the Twin Cities pinko-left, won his Sec-State primary, meaning he'll be able to abolish the reign of evil priestess Mary Evil Fucking Kiffmeyer.

(The Swanson race is still 'officially out' - so if I'm wrong, then sue me. Wait - don't sue me.)

All in all, a win for the left tonight. Nice!

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