Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Primary night pixel-watching

So I'm checking Daily Kos for the national stuff, and the very interesting Minnesota Monitor for the local stuff... as the evil hacktacktrix Mary Evil Fucking Kiffmeyer (R-ESS) inherited the really great online computer reporting Joan Growe built at the Secretary of State's office, there's the election page there as well. Go Keith, Becky (to be followed by go Hatch), Ritchie!

And since I learned that the wonderful Wege at Norwegianity wonders about the religious content of this blog, I thought I should throw in this '4 faces of Jehovah' article as well.

More as the night progresses.


Norwegianity said...

OK, that must have been a comment. What did I say? (The secret to daily posting is not to remember any of it.)

nihilix said...

lol - something to the effect of 'why am i linking to a religion blog' (I was bitching about the New Crusader Pope)

Norwegianity said...

Oh right. Yeah, I think I'm not talking to you or something.

You always did seem a little right-leaning to me, imho.

nihilix said...

Aaargh! You're on to me! Yes, there are a few people who I know who's politics are actually to my left.

(Fortunately for me, I support them so they can act as my stalking horses...oh, no, that Unabomber site is not what I support. I'm much more reasonable. Let's nationalize Wal-Mart!)