Monday, November 20, 2006

Once more into the breach!

I was going to use 'back in the saddle' but I've already used that on a post after I'd skipped a couple of days.

And I have to say that this Thanksgiving holiday will be rough on the old posting schedule. Starting Wednesday, I'll be in dialup-if-that territory, unless I can get the old Lombard laptop to work. (It's showing a corrupted system file. I don't even know if I can put the original 6 meg harddrive back in... I think I removed or moved some of the system files on that... which might be the problem...)

Anyway, leftist Mexican presidential candidate Luis Obrador of the PRD has had himself sworn in as the 'legitimate' Mexican president, after Vincente Fox's party, the PAN, gave their candidate a bare 1% of the vote. While the people of Oaxaca are trying to maintain their people's governement, Obrador is largely silent. This story about one of the re-appeared disappeared shows how the forces of oppression operate: you pick them up, hold them incommunicado, beat and torture them, and then maybe you let them go, maybe they have a little accident... The man, Rene Trujillo Martínez, was a lawyer and a broadcaster on the APPO radio station at the autonomous university; one of the last voices left to the movement.
At the warehouse the gunmen tortured them, sticking needles under their finger nails (the scars were visible three days later), applying electric shocks to their feet, beating them on the head, and choking them, according to the three men, who were later released.

On the "let's taser the shit out of a student in the library" front, the student has filed a lawsuit and the university cops have been identified. One of them is this winner:
In 2003, Duren shot Willie Davis Frazier Jr., a homeless man Duren encountered in a Kerckhoff study lounge, following a physical and verbal altercation.

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