Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tasers and people's governments.

May we live in interesting times...

The UCLA police tasered the shit out of a student who wouldn't show ID. Guess that showed him!


It all started when campus cops at UCLA decided to run a student out of the library on suspicion of Using a Computer While Brown:

When Tabatabainejad, 23, refused to provide his ID to the community service officer, the officer told him he would have to show it or leave the library, the report said.

Vhee haff to see your papers…

(LA Times account.)

Excellent account from the student newspaper, the Daily Bruin.

On the plus side, the citizens of Oaxaca have formed themselves a people's government.

Oaxaca’s APPO Forms Permanent Government, Announces Escalation of Resistance (Narco News)

Three thousand Oaxaqueños responded to the first call of the Asamblea Popular de Pueblos de Oaxaca (Popular Assembly of the Peoples’ of Oaxaca, or APPO) on Friday, November 10, to forge a new constitution for Oaxaca. The APPO sprang into life in the two days following the attempted eviction of striking teachers from their zocalo encampment on June 14, 2006. It has guided the social movement in Oaxaca since then, and now self-dissolves in favor of a permanent structure of government which includes an executive and legislative branch. The provisional directorship dissolved on formally initiating the work of the constitutive congress.

While the rights of Americans are brutally ripped away, people who are being killed in their struggle announce their determination to rule themselves. It was that kind of day.

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