Monday, November 06, 2006


If voting does so little, why do the forces of evil want to stop us from doing it?

People I think are worth voting for:

US Senate: Michael Cavlan. (5% or bust! And we get rid of Kennedy!)

US Congress: Walz (1), Rowley (2), Wilde (3), Ellison (5), Wetterling (6) (the rest are safe seats - whatever)

Governor: Mike Hatch. (Sorry, Ken - Hatch is good and Pawlenty is so, so bad.)

Attorney General: Swanson. Or Papa John Kolstad.

Secretary of State: Mark Ritchie. (Ritchie is good and Mary Evil Fucking Kiffmeyer must go)

State Auditor: Berger.

And Jesse Mortenson for State House.

As you were.

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