Sunday, November 26, 2006

Returning from vacation...

It was good, but now I've got this - oh my god - anxiety about the coming week. It's going to be a busy one! One media project has a move, and a fundraiser; another has a scrambling rehersal for a show we agreed to do in a month, and another has a going-away party which should be fun but it's just another thing. Work is hitting the Xmas crap in a BIG way (and I work in retail) and I missed a deadline for the newsletter article.

Media note: I saw that Raw Story has the Karpinski claim - that she saw Rumsfeld's handwriting on the 'how to torture' note at Abu Ghraib - sourced to Spanish media. Amy Goodman had her with that same story a week ago. Bullshit on people for not picking that up.

Tha's all for now - just a little 'hey hello and online journalling, i got a priority list of 6 things before bed' post. (Two already done, and this post is a bonus. Rock-rock on!)

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