Sunday, December 31, 2006

1000 hits!

Oh, there may be a few less, since I didn't hit that 'don't count my server' switch for a while, but hey! 1005 according to my latest Sitemeter report!

Thanks to all!

Starting in August, I made a resolution to post every day. Since then, I've been decent - a good start and then a falling away. Still, about 5 posts a week.

I want to thank Wege at Norwegianity, who is responsible for many of my peak days, as well as Melissa at Shakepeare's Sister.

Oh - I'm going to be dropping my nicotine monkey into the permanent (I devoutly hope) incinerator tomorrow (i.e., I'm quitting smoking) so I'll either 1) post more, 2) post less, or 3) post increasingly bitter and lunatic flights of withdrawl angst. Just be warned.

And besides this, Bush abdicandum est*.
(*Bush must resign)


Mark said...

When I quit the first time, I substituted cheap pot for tobacco. That worked pretty well, altho I wasn't good for much.

Second time around I just ran out of money for smokes, and that works pretty well too. Haven't had a butt in years, and since the late '80s I've probably smoked less than a pack all total.

nihilix said...

Woo hoo! let's hear it for cheap pot!!!

Wonder if Nancy Pelosi's going to put through the Budget Pot Amendment of 2007? We could be smoking these nasty packs of BPA weed, which would be just like crappy Mexican bud except it would be grown by prisoners in the California system (which is full of Mexicans, anyway, racism being what it is...)