Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bush Must Resign

I've been thinking about impeachment, about the Democratic dance around it.

Forget impeachment. Bush must resign.

The Bush government, and the forces that support it, are dangerous to most of the world. While changing parties in Congress will neuter this danger to some extent, that is not enough. The entire constellation of the ruling elites who back the Bush Regime - corporations, a section of the evangelical right, the hereditary wealthy, portions of the military and intelligence services - must be broken up, and denied access to the levers of power.

This will be a major shift in power dynamics in the US. Major shifts in power dynamics have been happening for a while - and the election of 2006 is one representation of this. But we cannot be satisfied with lukewarm reform - with surface change. Just as some parts of the business/corporate community bought into the New Deal until they could undermine it, the corporations and the rich and the military will want to minimize any shifts. Any radical can see this. Any progressive who takes their views to their logical conclusion will see this. Surface change is not enough - we need major change. Corporate power must be seriously cut back. People power must be mobilized. Media power must be busted from the trust that now holds it.

George Bush should resign. Frankly, Congress has better things to do (like taking care of the above list) to bother with impeachment. He should just resign. George Bush should resign.

Bush should be hounded out of office by the populace like the charlatan he is. The Acting President, Dick Cheney, will have to front for the crap he's been shovelling behind closed doors. The Neo-Liberal Neo-Con agenda should be chased from the public square with choruses of boos, tarred and feathered and a target of derision.

George Bush should resign. Congress can get to the business of cleaning up some of the dog turds that the Bush Regime has laid across the landscape: repealing the Patriot Act, actually fucking rebuilding New Orleans, getting the hell out of Iraq and closing that blot on the Constitution called Guantanamo Bay. We can save things like single-payer health care for after 2008, when the repealed tax holiday for the rich and the ultra-rich has had a couple years to stanch the flow of red ink out of the budget.

Bloggers must begin to call for Bush's resignation. The causes are ample; the man (or rather, the government that is fronted by George Bush) has committed enough atrocities against his office that the only honorable thing for him to do is leave it.

Join me in this call. George Bush should resign. George Bush must resign.


Anonymous said...

The American public has no balls to
take Bush down, all they care is
about making money!

Anonymous said...

Given that roughly half the population (at least) disagrees with you on this one, you might want to reconsider what, exactly, you're calling for.

A very great many of your fellow citizens don't want the same things you want. You might want to show us a little more respect, maybe try to reach an agreeable compromise with us, rather than this kind of divisive rabble-rousing.

John said...

Agreed. Done.