Monday, December 04, 2006

Joining the Blorg

I've joined the Blorg - the blogger-borg that is Google. By signing up to the Blogger Beta, I fall under their TOS and grant them a licence to shovel for free my meanderings into their Content Channels.

Now, the Blorg seem very benign. They give me email for free with gigs of storage, they let me put up a spreadsheet for free, they will give us books for free. All for free! But they grow...

Nice Google! Funny little things you do with your logo!

Nevertheless, when you peel back the layers of geek chic, of caring company, of innocent startup - when you get to rending the cells to get to the DNA of the Blorg, of Google, you find a publicly traded corporation.

Sadly, like Sauron's Ring, which corrupts you if you have it, the genetic information that makes a publically traded corporation in America right now - that information is corrupt. The corruption spreads through the marrow, and you can see it in things like Google in China, or Google vs. the US Security Apparatus. (What? They were good? How good were they?) Or reading my email to sell my eyeballs to content-driven web ads.

So, I'll likely start another blog in some safer corner of Our Internets, and maybe switch. Who knows. Nothing for now - it's the holiday season and I've had a cold for like a freaking week. Sucks!

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