Monday, December 04, 2006

The APPO lives!

But it's taken a big hit...

Oaxaca seems to be in the shit right now. The PFP - the Federal Mexican police - have seized the city center. They've been beating people, disappearing them, beating them more once they're disappeared, gone into hospitals looking for injured protesters. Fucking third-world gang shit - and what the Bushies wish they could do to their political opponents. (Minutemen to the rescue!)

They may have also gotten the radio station - and that's big shit. I hope they get back on the air.

Fuckin' Obrador better start getting some left-party irons in this fire to pull the PFP out, or he's full of shit. The Zapatistas have been all over the support, however. And check this crazy shit out from Subcommandante Marcos:

Marcos: “We Are On the Eve of Either a Great Uprising or a Civil War
Calderón Will Begin to Fall from the Day He Takes Office, Warns the Rebel Leader

By Hermann Bellinghausen, La Jornada
November 24, 2006

Bagdad, Tamaulipas, November 23: December 1, the day that Felipe Calderón takes office, will be “the beginning of the end for a political system that, since the Mexican Revolution, became deformed and began to cheat generation after generation, until this one arrived and said, ‘Enough,’” warned Subcomandante Marcos during a press conference. Calderón, he added, “will begin to fall from his first day.”

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