Wednesday, August 30, 2006

25 days, 100 hits, vacation!

I've been posting daily (with one skip) for 25 days, and I would like to thank an Echidne reader from North Liberty, Iowa, who uses as a service provider for giving me my 100th hit earlier today.*

I will celebrate this milestone by going camping! (OK, it's just coincidence.)

What I'm reading today:

And the folks who have linked here: Shake's Sis, The Left End of the Dial, Persephone's Box (how did she know I was a secret Canadaphile?), Blanked Out, and Norwegianity. And the Booman Tribune, where I throw my choicest catches.

Look for more humanistic nihilism on Saturday or Sunday. TTFN!

*It's hard to tell which of the hits are from my server, and which are not, so I threw them all out when counting to 100.

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