Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Deconstructing "Victory Agenda"

Victory Agenda.

That's the new word out from the White House spinmeisters. Evil Turd Blossom? Don't know.

Let's take a look at it – the Bush propagandists love those little two word jimmies (death tax, shock and awe.)

George Lakoff would say we're doing a framing exercise. Good George.

V is for Victory – although V is also for Vendetta. But who is against victory? It's so much more satisfying than 'winning' or 'getting to the top'. Victory. Rolls off your tongue.

Who has a victory agenda? The term itself looks at the opposite – those who must, if they disagree with us, have a DEFEAT AGENDA!

Agenda is good, too, because it means you aren't there yet, but it's what you will do. It's a meeting word, a corporate word. The CEO and his top men (and Condi, too!) are here to figure it out. They have all the important things to do – on their VICTORY AGENDA!

It steers clear of the PLAN – as in, Mr. President, do you have a plan for Iraq? and replaces it with the pristine AGENDA.

As Tom Tomorrow once said, you just want to see all of us behind barbed wire in the camps, don't you?

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