Saturday, August 26, 2006

Good morning, Blogostan!

3 Books you should think about:

People's History of the US - Zinn
Red Mars - Kim Stanley Robinson
Dreaming the Dark - Starhawk

Still working on the big post - friends staying with us for a week. Here's a hint: "Render Unto Caesar..."


Norwegianity said...


Yeesh! I didn't realize I was linking to a religious site . . .

[OK, that was 98% ex-gf resentment speaking — she was a lapsed catholic when I met her, but somewhere along the way she turned into Starhawk's Twin Cities chauffeur during a book tour. After that the mushrooms weren't nearly as much fun.]

nihilix said...

Yeah, I like-y some'o dat 'intersection of religion and politics from the other side' stuff.

And then the big Pope post... man, I hope I'm not losing you!! (grins)