Saturday, August 12, 2006

No post tonight - concert. Wait; post ABOUT concert!

Went to a concert - Gary Numan - and don't know if I have the energy for anything more than a few links.

OK - I can talk about the concert.

'Cars' is the audio cue for a personal anchor point. A place and sound and movement that evokes a time of centered power. I hit a peak experience, like Maslow talks about, in my Honda Prelude back about 1990, and when I was doing a meditation to find one of those, I tagged it to 'Cars'. (I don't remember if I actually was listening to it at the time, but it's very much of that time period.) I also listened to Telekon and I, Assassin, some - some kickass hits off Telekon.

So Numan was one of a few 'second tier' bands for me in that new-wave/gothy genre when I was in college, but I had a personal connection to one song. But a bunch of people I know were going, my roommate (see this post for him and music) was leaning on me to go, so wtf.

It was great. There were not a lot of songs I knew, but there was a deep powerful vibe coming off of Gary. The venue was small, and - get this - the only thing between me and Gary was his wife. Literally. Gemma O'Neill, a former member of the fanclub who married the boss, was the person between me and the stage. So yeah, I was close.

Best thing was, I found myself humming Numan cuts all day. I Die, You Die, This Wreckage, Down in the Park...

The show had a dark red energy. I saw Prong in an abandoned subway station in Germany a bunch of years ago, and that had a bright red energy. It's wierd. It's like the flow that fascism turned ugly for the Italians and the Germans. A red raw roaring emotion that's very powerful. Angry. Something that motivates you for hard work. It may have been used for evil, but must it be?

(Nihilix is flirting with the dark side. The Ring can be used for good!)

Anyway, cool show.

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