Monday, August 21, 2006

Lil' of this, lil' of that...

It's like a supreme pizza! Lots of things that might not even taste good together, lumped into one pie! (There's prolly an 'official blogger' term for this - linkfest?)

Russ Feingold (who I always vote for whenever dKos does a poll) said this yesterday: (Ben Broeren, Capital Times)

U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold told a group of Madison area residents this morning that the ongoing U.S. presence in Iraq is the result of an "outrageous pile of lies" and called for more accountability.

"The Bush administration should take accountability for being stuck there and not admitting mistakes,"

(Oh - and I got that from Raw Story, and linked Kos. I give myself a C for originality, a D for promoting off-the path, but an A for local interest snark)

This is worth more than a quickie, but it's late (early, actually...) Mary Fucking Evil Kiffmeyer proves the not-actually but really funny Stalin quote: It matters not who they vote for, it matters who counts the vote.
Minnesota central tally machine goes black box!
In the coming weeks, nearly 3 million Minnesotans will vote in primary and general elections. And for the first time, every one of their votes will be entrusted to a computer.

"Trust" is the operative word. Citizens always have had to trust that public officials will run honest elections, but now voters also have to put their faith in a handful of private companies that sell, program and test the electronic machines used to count our ballots.

Sheesh - this one has to be followed up on.

Oaxaca update: this one from Duncan Kennedy of the BBC

Mexico teachers extend protests

Striking teachers seized 12 private radio stations in the southern Mexican city of Oaxaca and set buses on fire, as a long-running protest worsened.

They acted after unidentified gunmen opened fire on a government radio station already under their control.

And a big-time plug - if you've not heard Democracy Now, on KFAI (90.3/106.7 FM) at noon, you gots to get on it, and host Amy Goodman's coming to town! She rawks!
WHAT: Amy Goodman Twin Cities Speaking Engagement
WHEN: Friday, September 8, 2006, 7:30 p.m.
WHERE: St. Joan of Arc Church, 4537 Third Ave. S., Minneapolis
TICKETS: $10 general admission, available for purchase online by credit card at or by calling KFAI at 612-341-3144, ext. 33.
Tickets are also available at:
* Birchbark Books, 2115 West 21st Street, Minneapolis, 612.347.4023
* Lake Country Booksellers, 4766 Washington Sq., White Bear Lake, 651.426.0918
* Opposable Thumbs Books, 2833 NE Johnson St., Minneapolis, 612.706.2020

Ahhh... I think my work here is done!

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