Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Busy Monday

So now it's two weeks to the election...

I wish someone would link up close races by which states have electronic voting machines. As prior posts say, the fraudulent machine is one of the tools of the anti-democratic corporate regime to stay in power; it's not universal, and it's not foolproof.

Ellison seems to be weathering the girl-shoe-drop. I was up in Stillwater - the west prefab 'burbs - and I could see Bachmann's field effort (sign war along 36 to Manning north to 75: Bachmann 65 - Wetterling 2) seems to be decent - I wish Wetterling's bench was deeper (but what do you expect with a DC campaign?) Rowley and Walz endorsed by Strib. Decent.

Dawg surgery tomorrow. Prayin' for good things.

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