Thursday, October 12, 2006

Racists, Fascists, and Bigots - Oh My!

I've been ruminating on right wing rhetoric, the depth of our collective brainwashing, and the state of the world.

Hannity and Colmes; the perfect example of the problem. Set up to be so - Sean Hannity is extreme, a thug, a racist and a bigot and a fascist. Alan Colmes is a Milquetoast.

Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin - their 'schtick,' being the 'crazy radical right,' allows the media mindscape to be littered with the kind of foul ranting you'd expect from a drunken Nazi brownshirt.

How few those on the Left - at least, those we hear - that talk about the Right in the same way?

These words - bigot, racist, fascist - are powerful, but we cannot use them. Or do not use them. Or are not allowed to use them in the channels of the corporate media.

Instead, we get words like 'Southern Strategy.' 'Nixon won the election with his Southern Strategy.' Sounds a lot better than 'Nixon won by appealing to southern white racists,' doesn't it?

The PATRIOT Act and the Military Commissions Act are fascist. The Bush Administration is authoritarian. The attacks on Keith Ellison's character are racist. Alan Fine could be a wife-beater. (Sorry - 'is alleged to have committed domestic abuse.') Paul Wellstone may have been assassinated.

Call it like it is, my friends. Use the powerful words we are given.

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