Monday, October 02, 2006

KMFDM and the Stormtrooper of the Mind

Fight the power
That chokes your speech
Fight the power
That makes you bleed
Fight the power
That propogates lies
To keep you weak
Keep you in line
Fight the power that reigns you in
Divides and conquers
Defines your sin
Fight the power
For one and all
Before the power swallows us whole


Another late night concert post.

How the hell do you write a feeling, an experience, sonic and somatic and endrocrinal?

Industrial shows have kicked my ass. KMFDM tonight, Gary Numan not too long ago, Prong in a converted u-bahn station in Germany in the 90s.

Now, the division of pagan/magical working into 'white magic' and 'black magic' is largely bullshit. Nevertheless, these shows manipulate 'red magic.' Red magic is magic of blood and body. It's magic of movement and anger.

I'm sick of passive responses to the heinous evil crap we have to deal with in this world. I think it's time to manifest some red magic.

And one of the first places we need to do it is in our minds.

I can feel it - blogging, reading, listening. The depth of the evil we face has made even banal moderation seem like a good thing.

The prime example of this is when we cheer on the CIA for standing up to being run over by the Bush regime.

I mean, this is the motherfucking CIA we're talking about!!! This is the organization that our government used to topple democratic regimes left and right during the Cold War when those darn foreigners kept on voting in people who did crap like nationalize oil or copper mines or what-fucking-ever. This is the CIA that, while they're playing palace politics with the radicals in the White House, have been running secret torture prisons and did you notice in Abu Ghraib there always seemed to be a CIA 'contractor' standing around and fucking giving orders???

Locally, take Colleen Rowley. Yeh, she'd be hellah better than that piece of crap John Klein. And yeah, she bucked the system when she blew whistles on Moussaoui and 9/11. She's still an ex-Fed. I don't know - maybe she'll be alright. (She was at the Stop the Merchants of Death show the night before last...)

This is running long, but a final example of banal moderation seeming like a good thing would be one John Kerry.

So we need to get the fucking blinkers off our heads, break through the crappy frames that bind us, and really really start thinking about what we WANT, not what is better than the shit we have now.

Free Your Hate

Silence is golden
Ingorance bliss
Better off not asking
What you'd rather forget

And as the vice grip choke holds
All of our freedoms are meeting their end
And for the wars they wage
Numberless troops lie wounded or dead

The beatings will continue
Until morale improves

Free your hate
Crusade in the days of rage
Perilous folly
Rise up against your fate
Free your hate
Crusade in the days of rage
Tireless cunning
Stampede and break your chains

Terror at gunpoint
Torture at large
Enemy combatant
Labeled a threat
Without trial or charge

Repetition of history
Messenger, prophet, martyr for god
All for once and for all
Reclaim your power
The tyrant must fall

The beatings will continue
Until morale improves

Written and Composed by: Lucia Cifarelli, Sascha Konietzko, Jules Hodgson, Andy Selway, Steve White

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