Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Iran, Foley, Fox, and the street thugs of the Right in the UK

Long day... recovering from last night AND other obligations... ahh, to have all my time free for computering. When I was 15.

This is the one that really creeped me out. You see, my contention is that the neo-fascists who are controlling the levers of power here will use violent paramilitaries to maintain their hold (once it starts slipping.)

In other words, they'll be sending their right-wing death squads out to fuck us up.

Never, you say? Fuck you, I say. As my last post pointed out, I'm not going to play that nicey-nicey game. And if you still think that the folks in power are nice, that they respect limits, that it could never happen: you're ignorant both of history and of the characteristics of authoritarian regimes. (And if you can't bear the thought that Wellstone may have been assassinated 'because of what that would mean about the world we live in', then wake up and smell the motherfucking cordite.)

And if my invective-laced prose doesn't shake you up, how about this (and I strongly recommend you read the whole thing):

Far-right UK website driving attacks on left-wing adversaries
Web of Hate
On the rightwing website Redwatch, hundreds of photographs of anti-war and anti-fascist activists are posted - with the message that they will 'pay for their crimes'. And now a number of those people have been attacked...

...The attack, which left the long-time union activist with serious injuries, was the latest and most violent incident in a campaign of intimidation that has been waged against opponents of the far right in the UK over the past five years. Like hundreds of people who have spoken out against the rise of the British National Party and other extremist groups, McFadden's picture and home address have been collected by far right activists and posted on a website called Redwatch.

The site, which has links with the neo-Nazi organisation Combat 18 and a host of European fascist organisations, is hosted in the US but registered and run from the UK. It lists the personal details and shows the photographs of anti-racists - many taken during protests against the British National Party - alongside the slogan: "Remember places, traitors' faces, they'll all pay for their crimes."

And while we're at people's pollyanna-ish views on the reality of power, we're going to attack Iran soon. In order to save the 2006 election for the current regime.

Arthur Silber reports:
If the fallout from the Foley scandal makes it appear inevitable that the Democrats will take the House, the Iran card may be the surest one, and perhaps the only one, that the Bush administration has left to play. I am certain that the sons of bitches who call the shots in the administration have no intention of letting some annoying, whining pipsqueaks (as they undoubtedly view them) peer over their shoulders during the last two years of their reign, as they attempt to ensure American and Republican domination of this country and the world for the foreseeable future.

But-wait-there's-more, a pissed-off retired military dude who says we've already begun the attack on Iran.
Retired Col. Sam Gardiner says we’re in Iran right now
By: John Amato on Monday, September 18th, 2006 at 4:45 PM - PDT

Col. Sam Gardiner says the US is already conducting military operations in Iran and a plan has been forwarded up to the White House. He broached this topic a few months back.

Gardiner: We’re conducting military operations inside Iran right now. The evidence is overwhelming. From both the Iranians, Americans, and from Congressional sources.

And as Silber points out, the fucking Democrats are rolling over in their military-industrial piles of cash, showing thier throats to the warmongers.
In the hysteria that would follow an attack on Iran, and in the ensuing, spreading carnage, enough people may well rally to the support of the administration to prevent the Democrats from making the required gains.

Have the Democrats been consistently and repeatedly speaking out in opposition to the administration's plans to bomb Iran, possibly even using nuclear weapons? No. Have the Democrats been building public opposition to such a criminal course of action? No. Have the Democrats been opposing the administration's plans in any meaningful way at all -- even though those plans have been absolutely clear for at least a year? No.

The trap has been laid. The time is rapidly approaching for it to be sprung.

And not one person of any national prominence has even a single word of significant opposition to offer. Not one.

And to top off the evil trifecta, we have the Ministry of Propaganda claiming that Republican sexual predator Mark Foley was a Democrat. Bill O'Reilly's show listed him as a Democrat. For real.

Lies, violent oppression, and war to save your asses. This is the true face of our American ruling system.

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