Sunday, October 22, 2006

Quiet weekend

I worked with a group of people on the banks of the Mississippi this weekend. We did a working for peace and health for our loved ones and the River, and a graceful change of state. We built snakes and a figure, and sent a barge with our prayers down the river.

It was cold, but not too cold.

Peace: We need it in Iraq, in Afghanistan. We need to keep it in - heh, I said 'keep it in' as in 'keep it in the pants' as in no more military adventuring by the Bush regime. We need peace in the class war declared on us by the rich, but a just peace, not the peace of being quiet while the boot grinds on our necks.

Health: My dog's going in for her spaying (and to get a lump removed) so I was heartily behind this prayer. If you're reading this, send good thoughts on Wednesday - clean operation, lump not cancerous. Another of our circle had a friend who needed health as well.
The river needs health - no toxins, protection of Coldwater Spring, clear flowing. It takes a raindrop at the top of the river 90 days to get to N'awlins. The channel that flows through my town is a mere 10,000 years old - the bottom third of the Mississippi has been flowing more or less in those banks for like 250 million years. Long time.
(The mouth of the river would normally shift - but we've held it in place for 150 years because there's a city - or part of a city - there. Hoping that the energy of the shifting mouth doesn't mess things up.)

Graceful change of state: Hah. This one was inspired by fall - the change from growth to death (or at least repose) - but it also applies to, oh, say, a change in the State. Let's hope the dig-in-their-heels, power-at-any-cost crew that's in charge in Washington sleeps too late to try and overthrow democracy (any more than they have) to remain in power.

So mote it be!

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