Monday, October 09, 2006


Activist burnout. It's not really that bad, but today I had something before work, work, and something after work. Tomorrow, I have work and something after.

I spend about two days a week doing media activism stuff, another doing spiritual stuff, and then, I have the blog.

I've enjoyed it, enjoyed the writing. It's been satisfying ticking off the small advances - two months now? The day that Mark gave me the hot link and I topped 50 visits. Woot!

I've also not done the promotion necessary; that was my goal, to write once a day and to promote once (like crosspost at Booman, or Kos, or blogwhore at Shakes, or drop a couple comments.)

But now, all I want to do is play Fate.

Tonight was cable-star night. Some of my media activism consists of sending things into the void of broadcast (like WAVE projects at KFAI) or tonight's little east metro cable show. It went pretty well - one of the reasons I posted the Media Self Defense 101 (Propaganda Model) post was because that's what we'd be doing on the show. But who watches, who listens?

At least with the blog I have hit counts. And maybe someday I'll have comments!


OK - just had the dog clean my face. And then I wrassled her to the ground and glommed on her ears. And then she fell asleep.

So I take back that Ugh.


Sage said...

Look! A comment!

I started writing as often as possible, commenting with links everywhere and generally worrying about stats, terrified that I'd lose my hard-earned audience. But then life happened. I hope to build it up again one day and write more in-depth stuff again, but for now it's more of a diary.

I will re-build it, and they will come.

nihilix said...

Woo hoo!

Thanks and yeah, I have the same feelings. And then life occurs. But I'm a quick writer, and figure that I can dash out something. "They" say that you need to update daily - not so hard, generally.

Sage said...

I hate when they say that!

Some days I don't touch a computer - except at work where firewalls keep me from accessing blogs (bloody fascists). There will be time, there will be time...