Friday, October 06, 2006


Oh, I just thought I'd keep a musical theme going... this my third Numan thingy...

There are cracks in my ceiling. There are those in the US who wish they had a ceiling to have cracks in.

My cousin who went to Iraq is back. He's wealthy, and re-enlisted in his 40s. At least he put his body where his politics are. Damn glad he made it back.

The hands on the artwork in the corner of my basement are hands which allowed communication to occur. We also joined hands - well, enough of us did - to make a union.

Remember where you came from, what you've done, and what others do with what they have.

there was a young blogger named gary
whose legs were uncommonly hairy
he said to his dog,
"When young, I would flog
my feet with the wings of a fairy"

(this message brought to you by maudlin literary nihilix. enjoy)

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