Sunday, October 29, 2006

Get on the ACLU bus: Defending abortion, protesting anti-gay bigotry.

I recently looked at my ACLU card - since 1988, when good old George Spymaster Son-of Nazi Bush I was calling Mike Dukakis a 'card carrying member of the ACLU'. Student rate of $5, if I recall; the first and longest membership I've had.

And while I think that the National Lawyers Guild rocks, the ACLU is kind of like Consumer Reports; glad they're there, even if they don't get their hands involved in the dirty work. (I.E. - all the ACLU does is lawyer work.)

This is exactly the way to change my mind - the ACLU will put up people - room and board - if they want to get out and fight the S.Dak abortion ban or the Wisconcin bigoted anti-gay marriage ban.

To All Liberty Loving People in Minnesota:

Your neighbors in South Dakota need your help. Join us in Sioux
Falls, South Dakota, next weekend, November 3-5, to help local
activists repeal South Dakota's Abortion Ban.

South Dakota is the scene of a major showdown over reproductive
freedom. After their state passed a ban on virtually all
abortions, pro-choice South Dakotans came together and took the
anti-choice zealots by surprise when they collected more than twice
the necessary signatures to place a referendum on the ballot to allow
the people of South Dakota to repeal the ban.

We will cover most of your expenses as you hit the streets and
canvas with other volunteers. The ACLU will provide transportation (or
mileage reimbursement in some cirsumstances), a shared hotel room,
most meals (including vegetarian), as well as lots of hot chocolate
and cookies for those hitting the doors and turning the tide in this
critical election effort.

If you are able to travel to Sioux Falls to volunteer with our
campaign partner, the South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families,
we're looking for volunteers to arrive on Friday evening and return
home on Sunday afternoon or night.

Please email if you are able
to travel to Sioux Falls to volunteer with the South Dakota
Campaign for Healthy Families, and tell us:

* The city and state where you live
* The best email address and phone number to contact you at
* The number of people who will be joining you
* Whether you are able to drive with a group of your friends if we
don't get a bus (mileage will be reimbursed).

Once we assess interest in your state, we will be in touch to let you
know about the travel options available.

South Dakota has become a battleground between those who believe
that our most private decisions should be made by individuals and
those who want to put such decisions in the government's hands.
Your volunteer time is critical to win this fight.


A Wisconsin ballot initiative would prevent ALL unmarried
couples, gay or straight, from accessing the protections that come
with civil unions and domestic partnership.

If enacted, this marriage and civil unions ban would seriously
endanger existing legal protections for all unmarried couples, gay or
straight, including:

* Hospital visitation in emergency situations
* Being able to share health insurance
* The ability to make life and death decisions
* The right to a partner's pension

To learn more about the campaign and the 200 rights, responsibilities
and protections that would be denied to Wisconsin families if this
constitutional ban on civil unions and marriage is passed,

To get involved in the Wisconsin campaign, email ACLU organizer
Nora at or call (646) 506-5560.

We hope you'll join us! As a friend of the ACLU, you value
autonomy, freedom of expression and equality all values counter to
these initiatives. Standing with our neighbors in
Wisconsin or South Dakota will make an important statement to
policymakers in our own state as well as send an important message
nationwide that the Midwest is no place for singling out people for
discrimination and limiting a woman's right to

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